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SankalpTaru foundation is on a mission to add greenery on Earth and in the process help support rural livelihoods and create environmental awareness. We leverage IT as an enabler. Our online platform provides the convenience to plant trees from anywhere in the world and our unique GPS and social technologies help planters to track their plantation and also build an emotional connect with their trees.
Please follow these simple steps to plant trees online with us: Step 1: Follow the link and click on ‘Plant Now’ icon on the homepage Step 2: Register yourself to land on our planting page Step 3: Once registered, you may select the location where you wish to root your tree or choose a reason for plantation (i.e. zodiac, faith or festival), enter the number of trees you wish to plant and continue to the order summary page for payment procedure
You may follow a simple registration process available on our web portal for registration. This will help you with easy and happy plantation with SankalpTaru.
Planters can choose any of the plantation location available on our planting page. SankalpTaru has selected sites wherein there is a pressing need to plant trees and thus we always attach a social theme to the whole program. Our site selection process follows a diligent analysis covering various aspects e.g. environmental impact and social theme study, NGO partner evaluation, tree species selection, survival rate, post plantation care and community participation.
Yes, you can choose a display name which will appear on the virtual tree planted by you on SankalpTaru portal. The same would appear on the tag attached to your real tree.
Yes, of course. SankalpTaru gives you an opportunity to tag your emotions with the planted trees. You can choose from a long wish list available in plantation step or define your own wish. For every wish tree you will see a red thread wrapped or paper tags attached to your virtual tree!
As soon as you plant a tree at SankalpTaru portal, you are given option to print an e-certificate for yourself. This certificate is completely editable, therefore you can customize its content as per your wish. As soon as changes are saved, the certificate is emailed to you. Also, the certificate can be posted on your Facebook wall if you select an option to do so. Tip: If you are gifting a tree to someone, you can customize the certificate accordingly.
As soon as you click on the button, you are redirected to forest page and you get to see your virtual tree planted with the display name of your choice. Your contribution also goes up by the number of trees that you have planted. You can check your contribution or also see trees exclusively planted by you by clicking on “Go to My Forest” button available on the left-hand side panel.
Every tree planted in SankalpTaru Forest has a profile. You can check profile of a tree by clicking on the virtual tree shown in the forest page. The tree profile shows information related to date of plantation, your tagged wishes, real tree photograph and geographical location on the map (latter two are only shown if the real tree has been planted, otherwise it shows the placeholder message).
Regarding updates on growth of trees, we will share an annual update report of the plantation site where you have made contributions. The report will have details of the collective health and survival rate of trees, along with data on impact generated and latest pictures from ground. We do not share individual tree growth update.
As soon as you plant a tree on the portal, following events take place: • You receive an e-certificate via email • A real tree is planted at the location chosen by you and you are confirmed back about the same via an email • Your tree profile page is updated with planted sapling photograph and location map
Yes, you can. You just need to use same login credentials and click on “Go to My Forest” button available on the left-hand side panel. You would be able to see your exclusive forest with saplings planted by you.
The main forest page panel shows:
• Total contribution of SankalpTaru community in terms of total trees planted and Co2 absorption expected from planted trees
• Total contribution of you as an individual or your organization in terms of total trees planted and Co2 absorption expected from planted trees
• List of recent planters which shows date and trees planted by them
• Go to My Forest button (redirects to your exclusive forest)
As per the policy, for any amount of contribution received from it’s donors, SankalpTaru is committed to notifying them about the plantation of their trees. The notification includes – sharing of plant photo, it’s location on Google map and beneficiary details. This process ensures transparency in our operations and also notify users about the utilization of their funds. This process is even followed wherein due to confidentiality or data privacy reasons, donor details are not shared with us and therefore remain anonymous; we strive to be transparent with those donors as well.
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