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We are a diverse team defined by a shared vision to create a greener India and a healthier planet.

Leadership Team

Brand Ambassador
Wishy is the Brand Ambassador of SankalpTaru. She can be seen hopping around SankalpTaru forest and is the driving force behind to make your wishes come true
Apurva Bhandari
Hails from Uttarakhand hills, with a passion to connect to his roots, he came back from the US to find SankalpTaru Foundation
Priyanka Negi Bhandari
Chief Operating Officer
Surpassing the works of the CEO, she is the forewoman who is passionate about sustainability, greener initiatives and is always eager to unscramble things
Alok Bhandari
Associate Director - Operations
Devising communication, resource allocation and services alignment for all on-ground activities of our organisation, he is our go-to person. He consistently evokes a sense of learning nuances of the daily on-ground work, using the judgement earned from years of experience.
Ravi Bhan Singh
Associate Director - Operations
A native of Thar desert, his passion to transform desert & barren lands into green patches keeps him going every day
Simar Mann
Associate Director - Outreach and Marketing
Ex- Infosys & Ex-BOB, a multitasker who aims to fight global warming with her tranquil attitude

Program Management Team

Shivani Aggarwal
General Manager-Programs
Having dedicated two decades to the corporate realm, she seamlessly merges her dynamic sales background with her deep passion for planting trees and spreading kindness, reflecting her belief in the harmony between nature and human compassion.
Nivetha Ramesh
Program Manager
Comes from the cultural lands of Trichy, an architect who looks at the planet through the eye of an enthusiastic photographer, wanting to make it greener
Nischita N
Program Manager
Hails from the Western Ghats, she is a biodiversity expert and passionate about growing more biodiverse hotspots in India
Disha Kaushal
Sr. Program Specialist (Food Technology)
Coming from Himachal, she is a food technology PG who wishes to take nutritious produce from Indian farmers to every household and palette
Juliana D Souza
Sr. Program Specialist
She is an enthusiastic Agriculturist who has done a BSc in Agriculture from the University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore.
Tejas Dattarao Deshmukh
Program Specialist
Coming from Central India, he is fond of the outdoors and reading. Carrying an environmental science background, he handles our programs in Maharashtra.
Neekita Urang
Program Specialist - Forestry
From the lush green Northeastern India comes our young ecologist. She has gained excellent guidance and skills at FRI, Dehradun and finds travelling delightful.
Mannam Nuthan Carey
Program Specialist
A curious nature explorer and athlete armed with a Master's degree in Forestry from the esteemed Forest Research Institute in Dehradun, dedicated to conserving the environment while working alongside SankalpTaru
Spandan Dasgupta
Program Specialist
Coming from the City of Joy, Kolkata, Spandan wants to build a world suitable for the future generations. With his vast experience in working on various wildlife and climate change mitigation projects, he aims to further progressive developments alongside SankalpTaru.
Nutan Verma
Program Specialist
A vibrant, eco-conscious environment enthusiast from Chattisgarh, holding a Masters degree in Forestry from FRI Dehradun. Committed to inspiring others and fostering environmental resilience, she strives to build a sustainable world

Outreach & Marketing Team

Charu Sharma
Hails from Delhi NCR, an Ex-Biotech prof. who wishes to connect deeply with mother nature dipping her works in her words
Kamal Singh Karki
Graphic Designer
A travel enthusiast, he reflects his love for nature in his designs, motion graphics, and other visual content
Vikas Rawat
Sr. Design Specialist
A native of Uttar Pradesh, he is a dedicated designer who intricately puts his love for nature into his strings of design.
Kameswari Popuri
Once an IT professional, she is a conscious soul in the making who enjoys the innocent smiles of the children and is on a quest to reach her full potential.
Hritik Sharma
Graphic Designer
A multi-talented artist, aspiring to command the grand stage one day, skillfully composes melodious tunes to complement his graceful poetry. Beyond this, he can bring thoughts to life with stunning visuals as the Graphic Designer at SankalpTaru.

Technology & Innovations Team

Bhavna Vaid
General Manager-Technology & Innovations
An IT professional born and brought up in Delhi, she has over a decade of experience serving various industries. She handles the database and is the IT backbone of SankalpTaru. She likes to spend time with her friends and family.
Anand Singh Bhandari
Technical Architect
Prefers to reside in the rural beauty and is inclined towards nature, he backs our IT support
Bhupendra Nautiyal
Technical Architect
A native of the cultural highlands of Uttarakhand, he drives his calmness through web development

Operations Team

Arjun MR
Operations Manager - South India
Electrical Engineer by degree, he enjoys spreading greenery & smiles wherever he goes
Gopal Sarbhukar
Senior Operations Coordinator - Maharashtra & Gujarat
Coming from Vidarbha, MH and driven by the fighting spirit of the natives marks his every move
Dorjay Namgial
Operations Coordinator - Leh Ladakh
From the cold desert of Ladakh, a diploma holder in Horticulture, he is the lone ranger in the uncharted territory of India, growing STF apple villages
Moola Ram
Sr. Operations Coordinator
A resident of Thar desert, an ex-teacher, he wishes to impart his knowledge into making the planet ecologically balanced and livable
Vajiravelu C
Manager Operations
An MSW who hails from the seashore of Mahabalipuram, he is committed to bringing more smiles to the faces of farmer-beneficiaries
Prabhakar Bordoloi
Operations Coordinator - Assam & Odisha
An MSW who hails from Jorhat, Assam, he is committed to growing dense forests picking inspiration from his native land
Abhishek Kumar
Sr. Operations Coordinator
A traveler who hails from Uttar Pradesh, he is a go-getter
Bhiku Sarbhukar
Sr. Operations Coordinator
Coming from Vidarbha, MH, he is a passionate traveler hopping from villages to towns in his large regional territory
P Veera Kanteswara
Sr. Operations Coordinator
Hailing from Andhra, he is a computer science graduate and a Balakrishna movie fan, and can be often seen doing stunts on our plantation grounds
Swapan Suin
Sr. Operations Coordinator - WestBengal
An MSW hailing from the coastal region of West Bengal, he is highly accomplished in the academic world and is one of our youngest coordinators
Pankaj Sharma
Operations Coordinator - Maharashtra
Hails from a culturally rich Taj Mahal city & relocated in the western ghats, he is strengthening our relationship with our farmer beneficiaries
Prakash Naik
Operations coordinator- Karnataka
Hails from the Western Ghats, he is a farmer, strong technical support, and an irrigation network technician
Vikash Yadav
Operations Executive - Haryana
Hails from Haryana, he is a farmer and an enthusiastic hopper from village to village
Vikas Kumar
Operations Executive - North India
Hails from western UP, he is a happy-go-lucky person who works in a close-knit fashion with farmers
Mulayam Singh Yadav
Operation Executive - North India
A native of Lucknow and another one of our youngest members, he is juggling through our on-ground works
Dharma Ram
Site In-charge - Chokhla, Rajasthan
One of the eldest members of SankalpTaru Operation’s group and a grandfather, he nurtures saplings for the generations to witness & rejoice
Vikas Kumar Rana
Operations Executive, Jharkhand
Accounts honours and computer application diploma is his background. He loves nature and likes to read, research and talk about climate change and global warming.
Dinesh Prasad Gaur
Operations Coordinator
A native of the cultural highlands of Uttarakhand, he plays musical instruments and is a big fan of travelling.
Sourav Ranjan Thakur
Operations Executive (Odisha)
Joined in from the district of Kalahandi, Odisha, he wishes to bring a positive change to Kalahandi’s austerity and equalise the sectors to the richness of agriculture that the place possesses.
Sajid Alam
Operations Executive (Ghaziabad)
A Delhi citizen and a brilliant photographer, Sajid is an enthusiastic personality that strengthens our groundwork with the operations team.
Selvakumaran R
Operations Executive (Tamil Nadu)
An engineer and a farmer, Selva manages his mango farm keenly. His association with us has been ever-changing and inspiring, from our farmer beneficiary to our volunteer to a valued team member.
Ramesh Vankudothu
Senior Operations Coordinator
A native of Telangana, he has joined our team, bringing along the immense experience of more than a decade in Rural Plantation. Ramesh has studied Horticulture and takes a keen interest in sustainable agricultural development and demo-field workshops.
Arvind Kumar
Operations Executive
A nature enthusiast with a Master's in Agro-forestry, who likes to prioritize organic practices for both personal and professional well-being.
Arbinda Ingti
Operations Executive
A resilient farming enthusiast from Biswanath, Assam, who finds joy in cooking and lending a helping hand to others, while also harboring a keen interest in exploring the world.
Avinash Gaurav
Operations Executive
A passionate traveler and photographer with a PG degree in Rural Management, skilled in implementing sustainable methods. Committed to empowering tribal communities through sustainable agriculture, with a deep understanding of local challenges.

Admin & Finance Team

Prakash Chandra
Manager HR & Admin
He is an author at heart and a multi-tasker wearing various hats at SankalpTaru
Anuj Gaur
Manager Accounts & Finance
A composed guy who crunches numbers, he handles our finances and accounts
Malvika Rawat
Senior Specialist (HR, Admin & Donor Relations)
A cheerful personality with 5 years experience in HR, excels in handling diverse challenges. Her experience ensures a harmonious work environment by promoting understanding and collaboration among individuals.

Dr. J. C. Tewari
Chief Scientific Advisor
A veteran who holds 35+ years of forestry and agroforestry experience in ICAR - CAZRI, and an environmental sciences background, he is one of our distinguished Advisory board members elevating our works
Vivek Sharma
Chairperson, Overseas Advisory Board
A ‘migrant philanthropist’ as he is known by, and a generous and conscious citizen, he is one of the great minds amongst other Advisory board members. Holding over two decades of Global experience in varied operations, his leadership qualities are notable
Dr. Savitha Kootil
Member, Overseas Advisory Board
Working for Kaiser Permanente, Georgia for nearly two decades, she is one of our Advisory Board members who is an internal medicine practicing physician, a mentor, an environmentally conscious citizen, and a humanitarian. Many feathers in her cap!
Shweta Bholani
Member, Overseas Advisory Board
Working closely for more than a decade with renewable energy programs, she is one of our Advisory Board members who help design & implement customer-centric systems and aims to transform banal activities into eco-conscious deeds for every individual
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