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Plant trees to support farmers and strengthen livelihoods

Plant trees to support farmers and strengthen livelihoods

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Project Pasumai Tamil Nadu is SankalpTaru’s initiative to lend a helping hand towards supporting farmers in the state by planting fruit bearing trees on their lands, while also invigorating the depleting soil levels due to water crisis.

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of farmers in Tamil Nadu are in debt

Bankruptcy is a bigger reason for farmer suicides than scarcity of rainfall

Project Pasumai Tamil Nadu

aims at strengthening rural livelihood of Tamil Nadu

Trees will attract more rain
Saplings of Fruit Species

With acute shortage of water during non-monsoon seasons, every year farmers in Tamil Nadu suffer crippling debts due to severe crop loss and failed harvests, thereby making their lives miserable. In fact, the situation is so grave that many farmers are forced to sell their cattle and other farm animals because of the shortage of water and fodder to feed the animals. The lack of rainfall or drought, which gets farmers into debt traps for not repaying loans affect farmers so adversely that many of them even take the extreme step of committing suicide.

SankalpTaru is launching Project Pasumai Tamil Nadu on the auspicious occasion of the 73rd Independence Day on 15th August 2019 by planting saplings of Sapota, Pomegranate, Guava, Mango, Custard apple, Amla, Lemon, and Coconut on the land of an Irugur, Coimbatore based farmer in Tamil Nadu.

The fruit bearing trees planted in the farmers land will in a way strengthen the livelihood of farmers as well as support the cause of greenery in the state. Of course, the trees will not only attract more rains during monsoon but will also help restore the depleting soil of the state.
This is the first phase of our plantation program with Project Pasumai, which we are starting from Coimbatore. The project will continue in different phases with more plantations coming soon on farmer’s land across other parts of the state of Tamil Nadu.
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